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Wonderful home in Old Almaden Winery

3 Beds | 2 Baths

1,798 +/- sq. ft. Home

Offered at $988,888


Single story in popular Old Almaden Winery. Soaring ceilings, Open floor plan. Lots of natural light! New carpet. New Paint, Beautiful Plantation Shutters throughout, granite countertops, hardwood floors. Upgraded kitchen appliances. Guadalupe Elementary School (API 941), Dartmouth Middle School (API 917). Amazing neighborhood with adjacent playground/park.

  • Single level 1798+/- sf home on approximately 5227+/- sf lot. Three bedrooms / Two full baths.
  • Front of home is nicely landscaped and has covered entrance, an inviting red front door with transom and side lights as well as views.
  • The marble tile in the entry is illuminated by a striking chandelier.
  • Living room / dining room combination has carpet and high ceilings:
  • Living room has plenty of windows with shutters and transoms that provide natural light.
  • Dining room is illuminated by a crystal chandelier, great for dinner parties.
  • Great Room has a hardwood floor and consists of the Kitchen, Dining Area and Family room:
  • Kitchen has granite tile counter and backsplash, plenty of cabinets plus a walk-in pantry with shelves. Center Island also has a granite tile counter, extra storage plus room for a couple of stools which provide extra seating. Appliances include a Bosch dishwasher, Jenn-Air dual self-cleaning ovens, GE Profile refrigerator, 4-burner gas cook top and a GE Space maker microwave.
  • Dining area has a pendant light fixture and a window for natural light.
  • Family room has a cozy fireplace with an alcove for storage, windows with shutters plus a door to the yard,
  • Laundry room has a sink, tile counter, built-in overhead cabinets plus room for a full-size washer and dryer.
  • Hallway to the sleeping quarters has carpet, built-in cabinets and recessed lighting.
  • Master bedroom suite has a peaked ceiling, carpet, built-in cabinet, windows with shutters and a slider to the yard. En Suite has dual sinks, a tile counter, deep soaking tub and a separate shower stall. Also has a walk-in closet with organizers.
  • Two additional bedrooms; each have a high ceiling, a closet, a window for plenty of natural light and share the guest bath.
  • Amenities: dual pane windows, central air conditioning, plantation shutters, plus much more.
  • Two-car garage with automatic opener, built-in shelves & plenty of storage space above the attic in the garage.
  • The backyard is fenced for privacy, an aggregate circular patio, foliage around the perimeter plus a flagstone path to another circular patio.
  • Close to schools, library, restaurants, shops, parks, trails plus much more.
  • Community structures include an administrative building which is also used as a community center plus the original 1850’s winery building – one of the first adobe buildings in the area.
  • Landscape features of this 5.26 acre site contain a mid-section green belt which has mature vegetation, an extensive rose garden and two playgrounds. There are also two lacy iron gazebos that overlook the Almaden Louis Benoist Gardens designed by Thomas Church.
  • Union Elementary School District: Guadalupe Elementary School (API 941), Dartmouth Middle School (API 917).
  • Campbell Union High School District: Free Zone 2. There are two areas designated as Free Zones in the Branham and Leigh attendance area. If you live in Area 1 or 2 you have the option to attend either Branham or Leigh High School. Please check with school district for details.