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3 Beds | 2.5 Baths

1,756 +/- sq. ft. Home

Offered at $1,199,000


  • Two level 1,756+/- sf home in the desirable Almaden Winery Neighborhood.
  • Three bedrooms, two and one-half baths.
  • Step into the entry area; tile floor is illuminated by a striking light fixture.
  • Spacious Living room / dining room combination has a vaulted ceiling, laminate flooring and plenty of windows for natural light.
  • Great room consists of kitchen, informal dining area and family room:
  • Kitchen has granite slab counters and backsplash, wood cabinetry including a pantry and recessed lights. Large single stainless sink with water filtration system.  Stainless appliances include a Frigidaire free-standing, 4-burner plus griddle gas range and Whirlpool dishwasher.
  • Informal dining area is illuminated by a light fixture plus a slider that provides access to the yard.
  • Family room has recessed lights, a cozy fireplace with mantle and hearth, alcove for electronic equipment and windows that provide plenty of natural light.
  • Half bath located on this level includes a tile floor.
  • Laundry area is concealed by bi-fold doors and has room for a full-size washer and dryer plus built-in overhead cabinets.
  • Ascend the staircase to the sleeping quarters on the second level. Landing has carpet plus a built-in cabinet for extra storage.
  • Master bedroom suite has a high ceiling, ceiling mount light fixture and carpet. Windows provide views of the surrounding hills.  En suite has dual sinks, granite slab counter and backsplash, a tile floor, recessed lights, a deep soaking tub with tile surround, a separate shower stall, water closet and a walk-in closet.
  • Two additional upstairs bedrooms; each has carpet, a high ceiling, ceiling mount light fixture, closet with organizers and a window. The rooms share a Jack and Jill guest bath with dual sinks, tile counter and backsplash, tile flooring and a built-in cabinet for towels or extra storage. Water closet has a tile floor and includes a shower over the tub.
  • Amenities include: dual pane windows, central air conditioning, an Eco bee smart thermostat plus much more.
  • Two-car attached garage with automatic opener plus built-in storage racks.
  • Fenced for privacy, this backyard has a paver patio and artificial grass which solves watering, weeding and mowing woes. Landscaping around the perimeter includes roses, a maple tree, a Lemon and Orange tree and more foliage.  A gate provides access to the front.
  • Side yard has gravel and conceals the air conditioning unit.
  • HOA is a low $86.00 per month and includes common area landscaping. Community also provides plenty of activities or events for participation.
  • Close to Almaden Lake Park, Almaden Quicksilver County Park, Almaden Golf and Country Club, trails, schools, library, restaurants, shops plus much more.
  • Community structures include an administrative building which is also used as a community center plus the original 1850’s winery building – one of the first adobe buildings in the area.
  • Landscape features of this 5.26 acre site contain a mid-section green belt which has mature vegetation and an extensive rose garden. There are also two lacy iron gazebos that overlook the Almaden Louis Benoist Gardens designed by Thomas Church.
  • Union Elementary School District: Guadalupe Elementary School (Grades K-5); Dartmouth Middle School (Grades 6-8).
  • Campbell Union High School District (Grades 9-12): Free Zone 2 Important Note: There are two areas designated as Free Zones in the Branham and Leigh attendance area. If you live in Free Zone 1, your default high school is Leigh with the option to request Branham. If you live in Free Zone 2, your default high school is Branham with the option to request Leigh. A family must apply for an Intra-district transfer to the optional school, or the student will be placed at the default school for that Free Zone. Intra-district Transfer request forms may be picked up at the district office. The Free Zone priority can be used one time only when the student is entering the Campbell Union High School District.  Buyer to verify this information as well as placement in child’s appropriate grade level.