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4 Beds | 2.5 Baths

2,362 +/- sq. ft. Home

Offered at $1,475,000


  • Two story 2,362 +/- square foot home located on a corner lot of a cul-de-sac in the Vineland Community of Almaden Winery.
  • Four bedrooms / Two and one-half baths.
  • Meticulously landscaped, the front of the home boasts shade trees and lush foliage, a grass area and a covered porch.
  • Step into this home and immediately notice the soaring ceilings and medallion-style pattern tile set in the flooring.
  • Living room / Dining room combination includes new carpet:
  • Living room has a welcoming fireplace with tile surround and hearth plus a mantle, ceiling fan and plenty of windows with transoms for natural light.
  • Dining room also has a ceiling fan and windows with transoms, great for dinner parties! French doors with side lights and transoms open to the yard.  Phantom screens let the fresh air in and keep the bugs out!  When your screens are not in use, they disappear out of sight, blending in with your doorway.  They are low profile, durable, and easy to use.
  • Great room consists of the kitchen, informal dining area and family room; all with tile flooring:
  • Pocket door conceals the newly remodeled kitchen with granite slab counters, glass tile backsplash, recessed lights and maple cabinetry. There is a large American Standard stainless sink, faucet with sprayer and a water filtration system. A window with a transom provides views of the yard.  The center island has a granite slab counter.  New stainless appliances include a Samsung dishwasher, 5-burner gas cook top plus a GE microwave and convection oven.
  • Informal dining area has tile floor, recessed lights, windows with transoms for natural light plus a slider that provides access to the backyard.
  • Family room has a cozy fireplace with painted brick surround and hearth, a ceiling fan and windows with plantation shutters. There is also a totally built and completely hidden video entertainment system with a 98-inch automatic screen, the projector embedded in the wall and surround sound enhanced with a Klipsch sub-woofer for those action (or romantic) movie nights.   System includes an Insignia HDTV, Harman / Kardon audio and video receiver, you pick the source (satellite, cable, Blue-Ray, on-line) and is karaoke ready.
  • Half bath located on the ground level has a tile floor and a pedestal sink.
  • Inside laundry room has a tile floor, space for a full size washer and dryer, built-in overhead cabinets plus a deep sink with more cabinets.
  • Spacious master bedroom suite is wired for speakers and has a vaulted ceiling with recessed lights, a ceiling fan plus has a large window with plantation shutters and a round top above with duets. Also has a walk-in closet with organizers.  En suite includes dual sinks with a tile counter and backsplash, maple cabinetry, a skylight, speakers and a tile floor.  There is an American Standard Whirlpool tub as well as a separate shower stall with bench seat and tile surround with a glass door and a water closet.
  • Three additional bedrooms; each has new carpet, a ceiling fan, a closet plus a window with plantation shutters. They share the guest bath.
  • Guest bath has dual sinks, tile counter and backsplash, maple cabinetry plus a skylight. Water closet includes a shower over tub with tile surround.
  • Amenities include: central air conditioning, dual pane windows, new carpet, new interior paint, water softener, multi room sound system, security system available plus much more.
  • Two-car attached garage with automatic opener plus plenty of built-ins and shelves for extra storage.
  • Fenced for privacy, this backyard has a concrete patio with French drains, an outdoor kitchen with an upgraded barbeque, a sink, two grills plus two storage areas. A fire pit creates a cozy space for gathering in the evening. Relax in the combination cold splash pool / hot tub with waterfall.  A Cold Splash is a fun way to cool down after a long time in a hot tub. It is very refreshing and aids your health and vitality!  Add the lush landscaping, shade trees and Outdoor speakers (on a separate system) and you have a great space for entertaining.
  • A wide side yard with concrete has an iron gate conceals the pool equipment, AC unit and storage shed plus can double as a dog run. A gate provides access to the front.
  • Close to schools, library, restaurants, shops, parks and trails. Easy access to Interstate 87 and 85 plus much more.
  • Union Elementary School District: Guadalupe Elementary School; Dartmouth Middle School.
  • Campbell Union High School District: Free Zone 2; There are two areas designated as Free Zones in the Branham and Leigh attendance area. If you live in Area 1 or 2 you have the option to attend either Branham or Leigh High School. You must make that choice at the time of registration, and it is a final selection.
Click Here For Virtual Tour