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Wonderful Home In Old Almaden Winery

4 Beds | 2.5 Baths

2,000 +/- sq. ft. Home

Offered at $1,499,000


  • This amazing 2,000/- sf two story tastefully upgraded home is on a 5,356+/- sf beautifully landscaped lot in The Old Almaden Winery neighborhood.
  • Four bedrooms / Two and one-half baths.
  • Nicely landscaped with a dry creek bed of river rock, shade trees, foliage, a grass area, covered porch plus a built-in bench to enjoy views of the hills.
  • Open the front double doors with transoms and immediately notice the soaring ceiling and open floor plan. A light fixture illuminates the tiled entry.
  • Living room/dining room combination has a high ceiling, carpet and plenty of windows with transoms for natural light.
  • Arch opens to the great room consisting of a kitchen, informal dining area and family room with tile flooring:
  • Completely remodeled kitchen features beautiful Zodiak Quartz slab counters and backsplash, plenty of custom wood cabinetry, room for extra stools for additional seating, recessed lights and a walk-in pantry with plenty of shelves. Center island has the same quartz slab counter plus room for stools and three exquisite pendant  Stainless appliances include KitchenAid refrigerator, microwave, oven, dishwasher and 5-burner gas cook top and range hood.  There is also a deep dual stainless sink with faucet with a large window which provides views of the yard.
  • Informal dining area is illuminated by a striking light fixture and plenty of windows for natural light. Built-in cabinetry with matching quartz slab counter has glass front cabinet doors and shelves to display the beautiful stemware, two appliance garages plus extra storage.
  • Family room has a high ceiling with ceiling fan, wood-burning fireplace with built-in cabinets and shelves on one side and a window on the other side. Two more windows provide plenty of natural light plus a door that offers backyard access.
  • Laundry room has built-in cabinets, a countertop for folding, a hanging rod for items that need to air dry plus a Kenmore front load washer and electric dryer.
  • Half bath with pedestal sink located on this level.
  • Ascend the staircase to the second level sleeping quarters.  Landing has carpet, built-in linen closet and recessed lights.
  • Double doors open to the master bedroom suite; carpet, high peak ceiling, a decorative round window plus plenty of windows that provide natural light and views of the hills.  En suite has dual sinks, tile counter and backsplash, white cabinetry, tile floor, recessed lights, decorative built-in niche, water closet, deep soaking tub, separate shower stall plus a walk-in closet with organizers.
  • Three additional bedrooms; each has a high ceiling, a closet and a window for plenty of natural light.  They share the guest bath.
  • Amenities: Central air conditioning, dual pane windows, wired for security alarm system plus much more.
  • Two-car garage with automatic opener, built-in cabinets and overhead storage.
  • Fenced for privacy, this backyard has a large aggregate patio; one section is covered by a pergola and another area has a small outdoor kitchen with room for a patio table.  The grass area has a mow strip, sprinklers and landscaping around the perimeter that includes Birch and Crepe Myrtle trees.  The side yard has a concrete walkway and a gate that provides access to the front of the property.
  • Living at The Almaden Winery provides access to community structures including an administrative building which is also used as a community center and the original 1850’s winery building – one of the first adobe buildings in the area.
  • Landscape features of this 5.26-acre site contains a mid section green belt which has mature vegetation and an extensive rose garden.  There are also two lacy iron gazebos that overlook the Almaden’s Louis Benoist Gardens designed by Thomas Church.  Two playgrounds.
  • Close to parks, trails, malls, shops, restaurants, schools, library, state route 87 and 85 plus much more.
  • Union Elementary School District: Guadalupe Elementary and Dartmouth Middle School.
  • Campbell Union High School District: FREE ZONE 2; if you live in Free Zone 2, your default high school is Branham with the option to request Leigh. A family must apply for an Intra-district transfer to the optional school, or the student will be placed at the default school for that Free Zone. Intra-district Transfer request forms may be picked up at the district office. The Free Zone priority can be used one time only when the student is entering the Campbell Union High School District.